Vacancy for Village Hall Booking Clerk – 09/01/2023

Our current booking clerk will shortly be moving out of the village, so we are looking for a replacement.

You must live in Cheswick Green Village

Annual payment of  £1500 per annum

Commitment of, on average,  2 hours per week, although there are no set hours as you respond to queries from hirers via email or text message.

Mobile phone provided and all  incidental costs reimbursed

At the end of each month invoices are written out and posted , about 15 per month on average.

Holidays are covered by members of the Village Hall committee

If you are interested please email the Village Hall email address below.

Closing date Wednesday 18th January  2023.

The Committee will then send you the Person specification and a list of duties.

Facebook Page – 17/11/2022

We now have a Facebook page where items will be posted from time to time, and you can pass on comments. Please click here

Death of HM Queen Elizabeth II  –  10/09/2022

In view of the above, and the period of national mourning, the committee has agreed that the village hall will remain open for business as usual during this time, except on the day of the funeral which is Monday 19 September 2022

It is up to individual hirers, organisations and groups to decide if they want to continue with their hires during this period.

COVID19 changes – 17/03/2022

See the COVID19 Information page for the latest information on the changes.

Changes to Management Committee  –  06/11/2021

Following the recent resignation of Martin Williams from the committee, due to personal reasons, Chris Burrows has kindly agreed to take his place on the committee with immediate effect. Peter Davidson has been elected Chairman.

Party bookings (e.g. birthday, anniversary, etc.) – 16/08/2021

Due to issues we have had in the past with regard to parties, the Management Committee have decided that we will only accept party bookings from residents within Cheswick Green parish, which includes the new development at Blythe Valley, Cheswick Place and Illshaw Heath.

Further information on the opening up of the hall  –  28/07/2021

Please see further information on the COVID19 Info page here

Bouncy castles and other inflatables – 28/07/2021

We have recently had several enquiries in connection with some bookings that ask about inflatables inside the hall.

Please note: For party bookings and other such events inflatables, e.g. bouncy castles, are not permitted inside the hall at all. Please do not ask, as we will always refuse those requests.

Re-opening of the hall  –  11/03/2021

Following the recent announcement from the Government of the ‘road map’ out of lockdown and return, eventually, to normality, the Management Committee have received advice to enable us to carry out a phased re-opening of the village hall. So, the following activities can start on the following dates:

Monday 12th April

 Indoor children’s activities  which include dance classes, brownies , cubs, Parent and child groups indoors eg Parent & toddlers , with up to 15 attending plus under-fives

This would cover Brownies, Rainbows, BB, Under 5’s, Simone, Spa Babies, Baby Massage and new hirer Jumping Jay

Monday 17th May

Exercise classes

This would cover  U3a Line Dancing, U3a Tai Chi, U3a Yoga, Parish Council Exercise class, Zumba & Pilates ( Emma), ChaSamba, Sweaty Mama , Yoga ( Dawn Owen)

Monday 21st June

 All restrictions to be lifted so all other groups could now restart.

Please also note the following:

  • All the dates are provisional and can be changed by the Government.
  • Social contact rules still apply
  • Hirers must abide by the special COVID terms of hire , together with the normal terms of hire.
  • If hirers do not want to restart,  their slot will be kept for them .

Village Hall closure  –  05/01/2021

In view of the latest national lockdown, the hall will be closed from today onwards. Please see the COVID19 Information page for further details.

Damage to steps – 30/09/2020

Please take care when accessing the village hall via the steps, as the handrail has been damaged in a recent accident. Take special care now the colder weather is coming.

COVID19 additional info  –  29/09/2020

Please note that there is now a QR Code sheet at the entrance to the village hall, so any visitors to the village hall who have downloaded the NHS Covid19 App to their smartphone can use this to register their visit.

Re-opening of the Village Hall  –  19/08/2020

Due to unforeseen circumstances with the decorating, the date for the re-opening of the village hall has slipped back to 7th September 2020.

Also, there is now a new page on the website dealing with various items to do with the COVID19 situation, and documents that will be given to all hirers prior to the hire, so everyone is aware of their responsibilities whilst using the village hall.

Re-opening of the Village Hall – 28/07/2020

Currently, and subject to any changes to the COVID-19 Regulations, we anticipate that the village hall we be available for use from 1st September 2020. We will shortly be issuing some Special Conditions of Hire to all regular hirers so that everyone is fully aware of their responsibilities in connection with the COVID-19 Regulations, which will run alongside the standard Conditions.

To take advantage of the current closedown, and save any disruption to hirers, the floor in the main hall is due to be sanded and re-varnished on Wednesday, 28th July, and the complete redecoration of the village hall will commence on Monday, 3rd August.

Expenditure and works undertaken on the village hall – 27/02/2020

There is a sheet added to the Management page here that shows the costs of work carried out on the village hall, and items purchased, to bring the hall up to a modern standard. The last major work to be carried will be the redecoration of the hall, which we hope will happen in the near future, possibly over the Easter holiday…. watch this space for details!

Toilets & Internal doors  –  11/01/2020

All the toilets have now been completely refurbished, in use, and are looking much better. The next phase of refurbishment work is on the internal doors to the two halls, which will be replaced on Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd January 2020. After this, it is hoped that the hall will be completely redecorated to finish the project off. No dates have been agreed yet, so ‘watch this space’ for further information.

Refurbishment of toilets  –  update  07/12/2019

The gents toilets and the disabled toilet have now been updated and are ready for use. The ladies toilet is now being worked on, so will be out of action until the work is completed.

Refurbishment of toilets 05/11/2019

The refurbishment of the toilets in the village hall will commence next Monday, 11 November 2019. There will inevitably be some disruption during this work, so please bear with us, but we will try to keep this to a minimum. We hope that the work will be completed before Christmas, subject to everything going smoothly with the refurb.

New Windows (Part 2)  01/08/2019

We can now confirm that the new windows will be installed on 28th – 30th August. We apologise if this causes any problems with any bookings on those days, but we aim to keep any disruption to a minimum.

New Windows  16/07/2019

As part of our programme of improvements to the village hall, we aim to replace all the windows in the next few weeks. The existing aluminium windows have been in place for many years now, and are no longer fit for purpose as they are warped and the catches are broken and cannot be locked.  PVCU double glazing will reduce heating costs as well as cutting our carbon footprint over time. They can also be locked, which will increase overall security of the building. This follows on from the replacement doors which have also made a difference to the security of the hall.

The village hall is a valuable asset for Cheswick Green, and we aim to keep it in the best condition for many years to come.


Licences  09/07/2019

We have recently had requests for licenced bars to be allowed inside the village hall in conjunction with events. Please note that the Management Committee will not support or approve these requests. In fact, there is a covenant in place in the deeds to the village hall, that was placed in there when the hall was built, that specifically prevents alcohol to be produced or sold within the village hall.


Donation  09/07/2019

We have received a donation from a trust fund administered by trustees at Salter Street church, and the money will be used to make further improvements to the village hall for the benefit of all residents of Cheswick Green – see attached letters for further information:

Donation letter

Donation letter response


Toilet refurbishment  09/07/2019

Please be aware that the refurbishment of the toilets will be starting shortly, and there may be some disruption during this work, so please bear with us. The process has taken a bit longer than expected, but contracts with the preferred contractor will be signed shortly so the work can commence soon. It’s likely to be during the school holidays in August.


Redecoration  09/07/2019

We will be arranging for the two main halls and the lobby area to be redecorated and refreshed over the coming weeks, and requests for quotes will be going out in due course.